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  1. I need help with the sharpshooter application i forgot my username and password for sharpshooter and now i can get on. Can anybody help me on that. Translation: 我需要幫助的神槍手應用程式我忘了我的使用者名和密碼為神槍手, 現在我可以繼續。有人能幫我嗎?
  2. So does anybody want a free pubg mobile hack? If so i will send the OBB link and app on here. If it does not work feel free to ask me a question or two. Its a simple hack, if you shoot in the general direction of another player then the bullets will hit. Link OBB. ---> http://vinaurl.net/GhFsQ PUBG MOBILE_0.5.0 mod by Moksh4u.apk
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